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NFMCA project is a MUD client with basic features in the form of a Java applet.The GUI is written with Swing, so one needs Java Runtime Environment to run it. Besides running in a browser as an applet, it also supports standalone mode. Features include dealing with a limited set of ANSI codes (foreground colors and underline), multiple languages (as you could expect from a Swing program) and font changing (two features which are absent in some much more complicated clients), smart scrolling, command history, detachment ability for applet mode, handy selection/copying mode, and more. It supports English as the default, and Russian for Russian-localized operating systems. NFMCA should run on any platform (tested on Windows and GNU/Linux).What's New in This Release:· setting default foreground color to green didn't work for JRE 1.5+ · empty HTML parameters for setting charsets weren't parsed correctly · the input box lost focus on click · input box gets focus on initial display now

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Publisher/Developer: Nite Fears

Release Date: Aug 15, 2012

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