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Shelljam is a platform console application that converts keystrokes into MIDI events, and therefore, you can use your keyboard computer like any other MIDI input device. In addition, the instrument you use will color the music you make. If you love computers, you might want to use what you enjoy doing what you love. Shelljam is not intended to replace the keyboard music as little as trumpets are intended to replace the pianos, he is there to let you enjoy real live-played computer makes music for herself and some features uniqueness.Here Key "Shelljam" · Written in C + +. profile and optimized for speed. Enjoy full control of music on your computer. · Enjoy your favorite software synth without the GUI. Reducing overhead if the synth is just what you need. perform live with your computer. · Portable. Tech-savvy Windows and Mac users can compile their own versions. (Note: the latency is applicable) · use the same application to run in a GUI environment. · Application hangs keyboard and mouse. Never lose keyboard focus in mid-performance. · Octaves Switch and MIDI channels as on issues dear synth boards.Known: · command line version of medium leaves keyboard raw mode. To use it anyway, please include alias i = "kbd_mode-a; stty sane" in your user account. Bashrc. When you're mediuam raw mode, quickly press the 2 key The left arrow key and the key to the left of the backspace key, in that order. It must operate independently of keyboard layouts. · The X interface creates a non-window design. It will look like a crash but that's okay. Just ignore. Keymaps · are hardcoded. There is currently no way to change that does not just compile. However, the keymaps scancodes read and should work the same on all keyboards. · Notes are played unpredictably when the notes are held longer than a few seconds.Requirements: · libgii 0.9.1 or higher portmidi · 20,041,117 or later · Shelljam uses the scons build system.Installation: After making sure you have all the dependencies, please follow these steps in the shell: tar-shelljam xvjf shelljam-0.0.1.tar.bz2 cd scons-0.0.1 strip shelljam You may then copy the binary file wherever it is used, for example / usr / bin.

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Publisher/Developer: Carlo Capocasa

Release Date: Aug 15, 2012

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