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XSC project is a clone of Star Castle for C + + and X11.Most details are in memory and some old books games j ' I kicked around the golden age. This is just a fun hack that I worked at off and on for a long time. I have not any big plans for it, except to hack it when I want. It is always good to have something like this available when you want to fly around and blast the crap out of some alien bad guy for a few minutes.The program should rely on a UNIX box with reasonable C + + compiler Decent and X libraries installed. Some portability adjustments may be necessary depending on what variety of bogosities exist in your C + + development environment. Since version 1.3, the code compiles with recent versions of g + + and Sun WorkShop C + + 5.0. If you need to change to build on another platform, send me change and I will try to exploit my repository.What New in this version: · fixes for gcc-3.2 Physics · best to ship during using non-rate default · handle events X more efficiently · work around the problem of random testing autoconf default on Linux

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Publisher/Developer: Mark B. Hanson

Release Date: Aug 14, 2012

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